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Past Performance

Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMCO): 2003-2010
The SI Organization: 2010-2013
Systems Engineering/Integration/Testing

BeaKen Systems & Technology Solutions, Inc. (BSTS) provided support on an integrated product with the buyer, other subcontractor personnel, and Government personnel.

BSTS provided full lifecycle systems engineering support to the customer and coordinated customer integration with other components of the customer’s development effort. Responsibilities included supporting development and allocation of system requirements; helping to ensure component and system integration; analyzing functional implementations; identifying systems dependencies; supporting the Engineering review Board (ERB) process, supporting the configuration control process; schedule analysis; and supporting the transition process; and developing system risks/issues and developing risk/issue-resolution plans.

Performance in the area of Testing included working closely with stakeholders to identify, schedule, coordinate and plan for readiness and test activities; participating in the development and maintenance of the Readiness Test Plan and supporting documentation, templates and briefings; and verifying the readiness of the mission capabilities prior to standup.

Successful execution of the engineering, integration and testing functions was achieved in large part to the BSTS SMEs’ extensive experience in government contract program/project management. This experience was consistently demonstrated through their ability to communicate, coordinate and collaborate effectively with senior managers as well as through their effective use of program/project management tools and processes.

BSTS’ best value approach earned documented commendations from senior managers on multiple occasions. BSTS SMEs were well-known for their knowledge of and adherence to client and IC partner policies, instructions, regulations, standards, and procedures as well as their technical and management contributions.

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